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Urban Pest Control specialise in dealing with pest problems quickly and discreetly covering Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

We provide regular vermin control contracts to ensure that pest problems do not occur in the first place. We supply and fit a range of Electric Fly Killers and screens, bird & seagull netting, pigeon spikes and other pest proofing methods. Call us today for a free initial survey and advice on pest control.

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Our pest control services include:


Ant Pest Control in Dorset

The commonest species that invades houses is the Black Garden Ant, which is actually very dark brown.

All ants have the main divisions of the body (head, thorax, abdomen) distinctly separated by very narrow waists and have a sharp elbow joint in their antennae. They are highly organised social insects. It is the foraging worker ants that invade buildings in search of food. These are from 3 to 5mm in length and are attracted to sweet foodstuffs which they take back to the nest to feed to the larvae and queen.

The so-called ants eggs sold for aquaria fish are actually the pupae. Flying ants are the reproductive males and females. These mating ants are winged and have a nuptial swarming flight during only a few days in July or August. Mating takes place in the air and the female then seeks out a nest site where she stays for the winter, laying eggs the following spring in order to start up a new colony.


Wasp nest removal Poole, Dorset

Large, conspicuous buzzing insects with yellow and black striped, wasp-waisted bodies, 10-15mm long. They have a sweet tooth at one end and a painful sting at the other.

The queen wasp is larger (20mm) and she hibernates over winter, making a nest in the spring in which to lay her eggs. She feeds the grubs on insects until they develop into worker wasps, three to four weeks later. Workers, all sterile females, forage for over a mile in search of food. One nest may produce 30,000 wasps in a year.

At their peak in August and September with the youngsters reared, the workers turn to the sweet food they prefer and become a nuisance wherever this is available. If annoyed or threatened, wasps will sting and the best remedy - after removing the sting with a clean finger nail - is to apply an anti-histamine. Some people react violently to being stung with several dying each year.


Bees nest removal Dorset

If you have a bee nest you will probably see bees entering a hole in the ground or in a wall or roof. Where they nest often depends on species. It may not be necessary to destroy the nest. It may be possible in some cases to remove the nest. Urban Pest Control will be able to tell you what sort of bees they are, usually either Bumble Bees, Honey Bees or a wild species such as masonry or mining bees.


Cockroach Pest Control Dorset

Sometimes confused with black beetles from the garden, cockroaches are distinguished by their very long whip-like antennae, flat oval bodies and rapid, jerky gait.

The adult German cockroach is 10 to 15mm long. The Common or Oriental cockroach is 20 to 24mm long. They are rarely able to survive out of doors in the British climate, but thrive around the heating ducts and boiler rooms of large centrally heated buildings e.g. hospitals, bakeries, hotel and restaurant kitchens, laundries and blocks of flats. They cluster around pipes, stoves, and sinks, especially in humid areas.

The German cockroach carries its egg case, a small brown purse-like capsule, until the 30 or more nymphs are ready to hatch from it. The Oriental cockroach deposits its 13mm long egg capsule on packaging, sacking or in suitable dark crevices before the 16 or 18 nymphs hatch out.

Cockroaches grow in stages - from nymphs to maturity in 6 to 12 months for the Oriental cockroach, but only in as many weeks in the case of the German cockroach.

Both species eat any sort of food and are most active after dark, from their inaccessible harbourages, to forage, contaminating food and food utensils, or food preparation surfaces as they go. They taint food with an obnoxious smell and may be carriers of various diseases, including serious food poisoning.


Fly Pest Control Dorset

Flies spread contamination with their legs and bodies as they move from their feeding grounds to food and food-preparation areas. Flies can only ingest liquids, so they spit out saliva on solid foods to pre-digest it and then suck it in. They also vomit out partially-digested food and eat it again.

Urban Pest Control, can supply a full range of fly screens and fly-control units to keep flying insects where they belong - outside! Our expert staff are fully trained in the installation of fly units, which can be free standing or wall mounted.


Rat Control Dorset by professional rat pest contractor

The presence of rats or mice in your home can be very distressing. The thought of sharing your house with these unhygienic creatures is unappealing as their habits are unsavoury. Mice have little control over their bladders and urinate frequently as they walk over surfaces. Often the first we know of their presence is the noise they make running over ceilings at night.

Rats, mice and other rodents are some of the most common pests in UK. A rodent infestation in the home or workplace can potentially have very serious consequences, posing a significant threat to human health and wellbeing. If you suspect you have a problem with rodents, don't ignore it - contact the experts at Urban Pest Control today.

A rodent infestation in the home poses a wide range of risks. Rats and mice have been known to cause fires by gnawing away the insulation around electrical cables. They have also caused severe flooding by puncturing water pipes with their razor-sharp teeth. Rats, in particular, pose a substantial health risk to humans, carrying potentially fatal diseases such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Weil's Disease and Tuberculosis (TB). Rats also carry ticks, fleas and mites which can cause severe allergic reactions in humans.

If you have a rodent problem in the home, it is strongly recommended that you employ the services of a pest-control professional, since many common over-the-counter solutions - such as rat poison - can end up infecting food and food-preparation surfaces if deployed incorrectly. It is also very important to ensure that all rodents have been eradicated and that preventative measures have been put in place to avoid another infestation occuring.

In any business, the risks of a rodent infestation are precisely the same as those described above. However, in businesses involved in the preparation or processing of products designed for human consumption - such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc - the risks are significantly greater. In these cases, a rodent infestation of any description can lead to enforcement orders, closure orders (both temporary and permanent), fines and/or criminal prosecutions. Not only are such actions likely to make the news headlines, they can also ruin your commercial reputation, possibly forever.


Squirrels Pest Control Dorset

Grey squirrels often enter buildings, typically roof spaces, in search of warmth and shelter. In doing so, they can cause varying degrees of damage by gnawing facia boards, pipes, cables, lagging etc.

Squirrels can be controlled by the following methods:

Biting Insects / Fleas

Flea Control Poole, Bournemouth & Dorset

Fleas are small (1/16 to 1/8-inch (1.5 to 3.3 mm) long), agile, usually dark coloured wingless insects with tube-like mouth-parts adapted to feeding on the blood of their hosts. The adult flea s diet consists solely of blood; the larvae feed on various organic matter, including the faeces of mature fleas. Fleas attack a wide variety of warm-blooded vertebrates including dogs, cats, humans, chickens, rabbits, squirrels, rats, ferrets, and mice.

If you have found a flea infestation on your pet therefore, call the pest control professionals. We will be able to give you expert advice, and if necessary, come and fumigate your premises to get rid of all the little blighters.

False Black Widow Spiders

False widow spiders - Pest Control Dorset

The False Black Widow is one species that can be accidentally imported into the United Kingdom. It is native to the South West Mediterranean, including Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. Although related to the Black Widow, it is a less venomous spider. It is not a particularly aggressive spider, but it can bite. This species is capable of adapting to the British climate and there are reports of it becoming established along the South Coast.

The female False Black Widow is of similar appearance to the Black widow, a relatively small spider, the female body length being 10-15mm, the male only 3-6mm. The false Black Widow are shiny black and globular like the Black Widow, but they lack the characteristic red double triangle or hourglass marking. The abdomen of the immature female has pale chevron markings on the dorsal surface and a white band around the anterior, but these diminish with each molt until the adult abdomen is black except for the band, now turned red.


Moth Pest Control Dorset

There are three types of moths that cause most of the problems around a house. Two damage fabrics, for example the Clothes Moth will tend to damage all clothes, while the Brown House Moth specialises in damage to animal-based textiles such as leather, wool and feathers. The White Shouldered House Moth does not tend to damage fabrics, however it does lay its eggs in food. In fact it is not the adult moths which are the main problem of a moth infestation, although obviously they can be annoying buzzing around your head. It is actually the larvae, or moth caterpillars, which are the main problem though, as they are the ones that make holes in fabrics as they eat and grow. Those which are hatched in food use the food for nourishment and to build a cocoon. Moth control is therefore clearly a very urgent issue, although moths do not actually pose a risk to your health.

Commercial Premises Pest Control

Don't leave it until your business has already been affected by pests and your reputation is damaged, prevention is always better than a cure, and is usually cheaper!

Pest Control Contracts
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Benefits of a Pest Control Contract

Whatever your needs Urban Pest Control can tailor their services to meet them, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to call on 01202 245755

We have appropriate insurance cover - public liability, product liability and employer's liability.

Electronic Fly Killers

We supply, install and service a wide range of EFK units to meet all your needs ranging from units for small kitchens to large commercial premises.

By law, food that is sold must be wholesome and free from contamination and you are required to demonstrate due diligence that you have taken every precaution against contamination from flying insect pests. These pests are highly mobile and make no distinction between food prepared for our consumption and any other surface that they land on, walk over, defecate on or eat. Many insect species have particularly unsavoury habits and therefore represent a serious risk to our food.

With this in mind, fly control becomes more than just hanging any unit where it can be seen. Its effectiveness, according to type and siting, has a real bearing on how much protection you and your customers receive.

Here are examples of some of the units Urban Pest Control can supply.

Titan 300 White

Titan 300 White Fly Killer from Urban Pest Control in Poole, Dorset

The Titan 300 can be adapted to operate as a Cluster Fly Unit. If it is to be used as a Cluster Fly Unit, the tray must be detached and insects must be removed regularly to avoid build up and fire risk.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 33 x 49.5 x 13.5cm
Weight: 7.5kg
Ceiling suspended / Freestanding: 180m2
Wall-mounted: 90m2

Titan Alpha

Titan Alpha Fly Killer from Urban Pest Control in Poole, Dorset

A very powerful, yet compact machine with two powerful 15-watt tubes giving coverage over 160m2. Ideal for use in shops, kitchens, cafes and take-aways. Please note that the 15-watt tubes used in this unit are 12" long.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 30.5 x 35 x 15cm
Weight: 4kg
Ceiling suspended / Freestanding: 160m2
Wall-mounted: 80m2

Chameleon Uplight Magnolia

Chameleon Uplight Magnolia Fly Killer from Urban Pest Control in Poole, Dorset

Attractive, wall-mounted unit; the perfect choice for areas where fly control should be discreet, e.g. restaurants and other eating areas. Disguised as a wall light with full-size sticky board and 15-watt Quantum BL tube coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer hidden from view.

Front cover can be decorated to match existing décor. Front covers now available in magnolia, white and silver.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 21 x 47 x 17cm
Weight: 3.7kg
Wall-mounted: 40m2

Chameleon 1x2 Stainless Steel

Chameleon 1x2 Stainless Steel Fly Killer from Urban Pest Control in Poole, Dorset

Attractive, ultra-slim, wall-mounted unit (freestanding bracket available), compact and unobtrusive, ideal for use in food preparation areas. Two 15-watt powerful Quantum BL UV tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer give 180° coverage.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 31.5 x 48.5 x 6.5cm
Weight: 4.3kg
Coverage: Wall-mounted / freestanding: 90m2

Chameleon Vega Stainless Steel

Chameleon Vega Stainless Steel Fly Killer from Urban Pest Control in Poole, Dorset

The Chameleon Vega is the latest addition to the award-winning range of UV fly control units manufactured by PestWest. Its revolutionary design is based on new slimline technology making the Vega a stylish, powerful and economical fly trap. Its elegant and ultra-slim design combined with white or an all stainless steel construction will suit most environments. It features new higher energy efficient UVA tubes with integrated Reflectobakt® technology powered by a state of the art electronic ballast to deliver efficient fly control with low running costs.

The slimness and style of the Chameleon Vega is achieved thanks to the latest generation of UVA tubes, which offer improved UVA performance as well as a reduction in glass content. The integration of the Reflectobakt® sleeve into the tube, the absence of starters and the unique self-holding mechanism of the front guard in open position all improve further the ease and speed of servicing.

Tube Data:
3 x 14-watt T5 PestWest Quantum tubes
Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP
Integrated Reflectobakt® technology
Powered by an electronic ballast